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Baubles project
Hello Qubers!

Status of my further development of the Qube5-Editor V2 from Qube Solutions UG:

These work packages are still open:
These work packages are identified but deferred:
Here are the versions of my further development of the Qube5-Editor V2 from April 8th, 2023 Qube Solutions UG:

The editor is published under the GPL V3 license.

To use a version of the editor, follow these steps:
  1. Download Qt runtime environment (DLLs) (Debug and/or Release regarding advice of variant of the editor).
  2. UnpackQt runtime environment.
  3. Download one or more variant(s) of the editor (EXEs and QDFs).
  4. Unpack variant(s) of the editor.
  5. Start variant(s) of the editor.


For comments and ideas please send me an email to

Greetings from the Wild West of Rheinhessen
ramieh - Martin - EmbeddedExpert

Date: September 18th 2010

The further development shall lead to a program which can be used also for other gemetric figures.
First try: Sierpinski-Tetrahedron.
Attention: New file format for Tetrahedron! (Version 2 - not standardized)!
Recent Changes:
April 8th, 2023
Updated picture in the header
Updated CV and project list (German and English languages)
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